At Sports Business Solutions, we help people succeed in sports business.

We provide Training, Consulting, and Recruiting services for sports teams and provide Career Services for those interested in working in sports.

Training & Consulting

With more than 10 years of sports industry experience and a passion for teaching and coaching we’re excited to help you and your team succeed. Let us know the challenges you’re facing and we’ll work together to provide a solution that helps you accomplish your business objectives and take your team to the next level.


Our experience as former hiring managers in sports gives us unique insight and the right qualifications to find and place best-in-class job candidates. Not only do we have firsthand knowledge of the skills and attributes needed to succeed in sports business jobs, we have established relationships with the future stars of our industry. Let us help you find your next sports industry leader.

Career Services

More than 300 colleges and universities are now offering degrees in sports management and the demand for jobs in sports has never been higher. We believe that with the right game plan and industry contacts, your dream job in sports is within reach. Let us give you the edge you need to compete for, and land, the most sought after jobs in sports.