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Our only focus is helping you and your team succeed.

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We sat in the seat.

Our trainers are experienced sports industry professionals who have done the job. We gain credibility and trust from sales teams because we can speak their language.

We build it together.

Because your challenges are unique we customize our training content with you prior to each session. When training we act as a sales coach, tapping into your team members’ knowledge and working alongside them to create a training program that yields results.

We share and evolve.

We use the feedback we receive after each session to grow and improve. Our goal is to change with the times. As tactics, techniques and the environment change, we too evolve. Our trainers have a passion to perfect their craft and are constantly looking to learn and share the newest most innovative sales 2.0 best practices.

We do it as a team.

Our trainers are excited to get involved in the sales process. We continually practice and learn from each other: trainer to rep, rep to trainer, and rep to rep. We go on appointments in the field, and we assist wherever needed to achieve results for our partners and their sales teams.

Areas of expertise & training solutions
  • Inside Sales & entry level sales rep basic training 101
  • Season ticket & partial plan sales strategies & sales rep training 201
  • Premium seating & business to business (B2B) high yield selling 301
  • Customer service & retention training techniques and strategies
  • Group sales strategies & sales rep training
  • CRM, data & analytics used to optimize sales team performance
  • Sales team building
  • Ticket operations
  • Leadership development & management training
  • Event & in game selling
  • Marketing & promotional strategies

Training and consulting clients & testimonials